Clothing during the Elizabethan time period

In honor of “A Midsummer Nights Dream” the book we’re reading for Language Arts, this blog post will be about the antique clothing of the refined Elizabethan time period. The English Elizabethan era is one of the most sophisticated, interesting periods in the history of England. Named after one of the most formidable queens England has ever had, The Elizabethan Era was a time of beautiful art, flourishing culture, merry festivals and nuptials, and sophisticated fashion.

The rich, elite, lofty women of the sophisticated Elizabethan era dressed glamorously, in richly dyed soft fabrics with glimmering gems and shimmering pearls sewn into them. The most common fabric for the outer layer of clothing is wool. Wool is sturdy and versatile, it resists rain and is warn in the harsh, icy winter weather and yet is surprisingly warm in the warm, sunny summers. Apperance still mattered and was not flouted, fine materials like silk and satin were used to cover the odious simplicity of austere, un-elaborate wool.

Women married to wealthy doting husbands fawned over ornate, expensive accessories like elaborate gloves, luxurious scarves, and detailed masks. Elegantly extravagant jewelry was popular as well, jewelry not only added to a woman’s beauty, but it also stated what class they belonged to in society.

Jewelry and clothes are not the only things Elizabethan women used to look more attractive. Just like women today, they were always vexed   over how to look better. So they came up with four main concepts a lady had to have to be considered beautiful. Pretty women had snow white skin, ash blonde hair, rosy cheeks, and blood red lips. They feigned white skin by applying multiple layers of white powder onto their faces. Some even resorted to poisoning their skin with a mixture of vinegar and white lead to achieve that ghostly pallor entreats to have. The poisonous mixture worked by causing the pigments in the woman’s face to slowly wane.  Wrinkles in older women marred from their beauty, so they hid these flaws with layers and layers of white makeup.

I will now say adieu and end this post. I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about fashion in the Elizabethan era, thank you for reading!

If I were a guy

Color code:

Red! Simple sentence

Green! Complicated sentence 

Yellow! Complex sentence

Pink! Compound-complex sentence 


We all have items we love that just aren’t meant to be for us.  For example guy clothing! I can’t possibly wear that, but that doesn’t mean I can’t admire it!  So what would I wear if I were a guy?

I like the sailor/stripes/summery outfits that some guys, like Louis Tomlinson from One direction wear. They look incredibly laid back, and yet still manage to give off just the right amount of “I care about what I look like”.

A cute outfit I would probably wear to school would be a mix of dark navy colored shirts and washed out jeans with white Nike “kicks”. If you’re wondering what Nike kicks are then they’re pretty much high top sneakers from Nike. Lots of guys have been wearing them lately, and they even have a song called “Pumped up kicks” By Foster the people. Vans are also a cute option for my footwear. They are a flat bottom shoe meant for skateboarding. Girls wear vans too, I own a brown pair with sky blue drawings of what I think are waves or palm trees? Im not really sure, but I think it has something to do with the beach.

These are vans.

The white Nike’s I’ve been talking so much about.

Hair is a seriously important aspect of weather a guy looks good or not. On girls, hair doesn’t change the way you look that drastically. As a girl, you won’t look completely different if you cut your hair from long to medium, but on a guy it would make the worlds difference.


If I were a guy, I would most likely choose to have longer light colored hair like one of 90210’s stars Matt Lanter’s hair. I think he’s gorgeous and his hair is gorgeous. Haha, I’m starting to get off topic, so lets move on to something else, mens formal wear for example.

Guys can’t wear glamorous dresses like we can, or  beautiful skirts with dainty little pumps and lovely purse to match. All that guys can wear for a formal occasion is a suit and a tie. But every now and then, something about a guys suit catches my eye, or strikes him as different in the sea of boring black and white. From afar no one can tell what the secret to his contrast from the rest is, but look a bit closer, its always the little things that count. Always.

First when choosing a suit, you have to make sure it “suits” your body type. You must also think about the accessories you are going to wear, like Shirts , ties, shoes and belts. The right suit worn with the right accessories  will highlight the best parts of your personality and strike you as different and special.

People say its way easier being a guy because you have less to worry about when dressing up, but I dont think thats true. Girls can choose to wear pants, skirts, and dresses. Guys only have one option to work with, and that makes it as difficult as ever. I’m glad and grateful for being a girl.


Analyzing my writing: I write a lot of complex sentences and compound sentences, i don’t have many simple sentences or compound complex ones. My writing styles not very formal and I write the way I would talk to a friend.


My poem

SO this is my poem for this week about fashion! It was kinda hard to write because I used end rhyme and nothing would rhyme with anything. But its all figured out now! I just hope I don’t sound too cheesy, if I do, don’t roll your eyes.

Here’s a confession

I have an obsession

For all things that shimmer and shine

Gleam and glimmer

Sparkle and twinkle

Beautiful and sublime


If the insides pretty

Then it’s a pity

if not everyone can see


Take it from me

Its a great way to be

Different inside and out


I have noticed

Everyone’s focused

On only the outside


So why fight it?

Or try to deny it

We’re all superficial somehow


No one can tell

What internally dwells

If you don’t make sure to show

The beauty in you that you know


The sayings cliché

But fashions a way

To express who you really are


Your bodies a special screen

That plays back the theme

Of what goes on in your head


So dress to impress

You’re just helping yourself

Making sure the beauty outside


The one inside


Why do fashion trends change so much?

Fashion has never been the same for many consecutive years, almost every year, a new “in” style replaces the older “so last year” one. If you grab a teenager today and show her what people used to wear in the 1900’s ,her response would be something like “I’d throw up on this, but it looks like somebody already did.” While if you ask someone that grew up during the1900’s  what they think of what people wear today, they would say that a since the 1900’s, clothes have been gradually shrinking and we all look like prostitutes.

I believe the way fashion changes can show how a society or culture changes and evolves.  Think about how the mini-skirt became popular in the 1960’s; this reflected the fact that attitudes toward sex and the female body were changing and becoming more liberal.  So in this sense I believe our clothing and style changes as we change, as technology becomes more advanced, and as our attitudes change as a society.  World events and trends also inspire the clothes we wear – in the 1970’s, the hippy movement certainly sparked a fashion style.  The way fashion changes also highlights our changing economy. For example, the rise of ‘clothes swapping’ has no doubt been sparked by the economic problems of recent years.

So we all agree fashion changes over time, even monthly sometimes, but why? What causes these changes? What makes a whole generation of people decide to not wear what their past generation has so comfortably worn? In my opinion, its boredom, there are many other reasons but the one I support the most is boredom, because when you get bored of something, you change or replace it, right? So designers and people have gotten bored of seeing the same thing over and over again, and so they change it up a little.

A completely different reason for changes in fashion over mostly short periods of time could be due to a marketing strategy designers use to earn more money. Think about it, you just bought a cute pair of loose jeans, they cost you a fortune, but its worth it since everyone’s wearing them. One month later, everyone’s wearing skinny jeans, so you run to the nearest store and buy the best, most expensive pair of skinnies you see. But don’t worry, it’s not like we’re puppets controlled by marketers or anything. So don’t feel guilty the next time you go to buy some other new outfit that’s “in”, remember, you’re helping fund some poor, unfortunate, lost designers new yacht.

Oscar Wilde summarizes a lot of what I just said, “fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months”. Change in fashion stems from a need for individuality but due to a lack of creativity, we fall in love with old trends again. I think we get bored easily, and fashion is no exception. Change in fashion also reflects the times; we buy high end fashion clothes when the economy is good, and see a revival of scruffy or cheaper clothing during these changing times. It is all a reflection of society. And also designers needs for yachts, ect. That’s all I have to say!

MAJOR fashion don’ts

There have been many times where i see someone wearing an outfit that makes me go “what were you thinking?!”, and I’ve seldom had the chance to express myself on how big of a disgrace they’re being to the fashion world. So for this weeks post, i’ll blog about those atrocious fashion crimes many have been obliviously  committing.

1. First up, horrendously skintight clothes that make you look like a sausage wrapped in tape:

This my dear readers is Christina Aguilera, who’s stylists clearly have been slacking on their duties.Why would anyone wear something like this? This is not attractive in any way, women do not  have to wear the tiniest tightest things they can find to be considered “hot” or “sexy”. The legendary fashion goddess Marilyn Monroe  once said, “Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, but loose enough to show you’re a lady.”

2.  DO NOT wear trainers  unless you intend on doing some kind of sport:

notrainers Ask the Fashion Police: What trainers should I wear with skinny jeans?

This is because trainers are just for the gym. They are “sports shoes”. Wear them for sports; do not wear them for any other reason. They should never ever be worn with skinny jeans or any form of tight clothing (except for sport clothes) and I say that because your feet will look ENORMOUS.  You’ll have little slender legs and big ol’ trainer-feet, and this is not a good look on anyone. If you absolutely insist on wearing those comfy trainers with your favorite pair of jeans then atleast make the shoes the slim type such as these slim converse:

3. Matching your leather purse to your leather skin:

Yes sure, fake tans may sometimes look very flattering but don’t make them look fake! When you can’t tell where your shoulder ends and your dreadful cheap copper leather bag begins, you are too tan.

4. Socks with sandals

Who decided this was okay in the first place? I am seriously exasperated with how much of this abomination i have to see on a daily basis.  I understand that when it is chilly outside we all dream of the warmth of the summer sun, but wearing socks with sandals doesn’t make the seasons change any faster. If you want to wear sandals this badly, move to a warmer climate.

5. Huge designer labels

I wouldnt want to be a living walking human advertisement and neither should you. Its not a sophisticated or stylish look. It just makes you seem like a big poser that wants to show the world he can afford this brand. That is not stylish, fashionable or anything of that sort. Keep it understated and simple.

We hate to admit it, because we personally feel that clothes shouldn’t matter. In a perfect world, a person would be judged  based solely on their personalities. Unfortunately, that’s not how the world works.How you choose to dress each morning reflects how you feel about yourself – that you take yourself seriously. I’m not saying you have to look like a model, just look like you respect yourself enough to put an effort on how you appear to the world.

Whats in this spring?

This weekend, I went on a short shopping spree looking for shoes, and amidst the jocund, happy, boisterous, crowds, I noticed most of the shops had their “NEW SPRING COLLECTION” signs already up.


1. Busy patterns 

I walked into the infamous cheap, but chic H&M to find tons of dresses shirts and skirts with the busiest patterns ever. For example, this dress below which is warranted to get you some attention with its zebra stripes and printed green/blue pattern. This dress can casually be worn anywhere you want, with its comfortable fit and sophisticated look.


2. Bright pink and orange!

The two colors that jump out at the head of the line for spring are bright pink and orange! Lets face it there are no two other colors that can make a loud fashion statement the way pink and orange can.


This Short, flared satin dress featuring a fitted bodice, waist seam, elastic at the back and wide skirt, is a great example of how bright pink can grab your attention and never let it go. So need a new dress? Make it pink or orange.

3. Creamy soft colors

Ironically creamy neutrals, all done up to give you a very feminine look are also being spotted everywhere on the racks. Flowing pajama – styles, tunics. All meant to be classical, and comfortable like this really pretty play suit from Bershka.

4. Black and white

Spring has always been stereotyped to be the season of soft neutral colors, and happy bright colors, however, many top designers mixed in gorgeous black and white creations.

This great design is by Michael Kors. Notice how he incorporated lace in the skirt? Then mixed it all up with a sporty stripe mix at the top to make it look more casual.

5. Lace

Lace is big this season; it is being used as never before. It is popping up not only in fancy evening wear and lingerie, but ready to wear sporty daily outfits- it’s also covering shoes, and handbags, accessories, you name it…


6. Stripes! Again 

Stripes are still hot for spring 2012! One of the big trends this season is anything striped… Expect to see lots of stripe, not only on wonderful nautical knit tops, but dresses, handbags, and even shoes…

Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the striped trends slowly subside. I love stripes and everything, but that trend has been around for so long! Many credible, fashion-savvy sources also agree that it’s high time the stripes hit the road.



To sum this all up, the hottest trends for this spring 2012 are bright orange, pink, soft creamy neutral colors and black and white. Lace is also big and so are stripes. THE END.



One of the cutest shops in Doha is Pimkie, located in both Villagio and Landmark. Pimkie is a great place to go to if you’re a teenage girl or adult in your 20’s. They have pants, shirts, shoes, handbags, and a lot of accessories like scarves, bracelets, necklaces, and sunglasses.

Pimkie has the best jeggings. (If you’re wondering what jeggings are then they’re leggings that look like jeans.) That’s pretty cool no? You get both the casually stylish look of jeans with the comfort and flexibility of leggings. Jeggings are best for wearing at school because you don’t have to worry too much about not being able to move or bend over to pick a pencil up, yet you’ll still look cute. Jeggings are also perfect for adults looking for comfortable skinny jeans that won’t stop them from breathing. My two favorite jeggings from Pimkie are “Destroyed black skinny’s”, and “Faded blue push up jeggings”. (I posted some pictures of them at the bottom of this post)

We need some cute shirts to go with the jeans of course, and Pimkie has plenty of them. I always like to match dark pants with bright or light colored tops, and faded pants with dark shirts. Doing that kind of gives the outfit ‘balance’ if that makes any sense to you. A really cool shirt that goes with the destroyed black jeggings is one simply called “white t-shirt”. As its name implies, it’s a white t-shirt with small silver buttons that go about halfway down the chest. There are eight different shirts of the same style but with different colors available too, which is pretty awesome because then you can mix and match those shirts with any outfit you want. Another shirt I like which isn’t exactly a shirt, but more of a sweater is a black V-neck. It is perfect for Qatar because it provides enough coverage to keep you from turning into an ice cube as soon as you enter an air-conditioned mall, or from melting like a popsicle when you go out in the unforgiving heat of Doha.

What else does your outfit need now? Every girls guilty pleasure, shoes! And thank god, Pimkie’s got tons of cute ones, like the leopard print ballerinas, and the coral ballerinas. As the name suggests, the leopard print ballerinas have a leopard print all over them and its seriously hot. Leopard prints are in this year and have been grabbing the attentions of many shoppers like myself. Leopard print accessories can be paired with all simple basics like black t-shirts, and cardigans. Any accessory that involves a leopard print can easily give your outfit an extra “oomph” without making it look like you’re trying too hard. Coral colored shoes are just another attractive accessory to make your outfit way more fashionable and give it a summery-breezy, young, fresh look. They practically match with everything and never fail to remind me of everything happy and sweet.

There are so many different outfits in this world to try on, and match up. All I did was chose one little store and two items from three different categories and put them together. Shopping for stuff might not be your favorite thing, but the thrill when you find out that ‘this’ matches perfectly with ‘that’ is amazing. Pimkie is an awesome store for girls and teens between the ages of 13-25, it has many different opportunities to put things together and match stuff up for yourself. Plus, it has the best changing rooms ever, trust me.


Jean skinny bleu ciel“Faded blue push up jeggings”


Jean skinny noir destroy “Destroyed black skinny’s”

T-shirt blanc“white t-shirt”

Ballerines léopard“leopard print ballerinas”

Ballerines corail “Coral ballerinas”